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If you think I don't have your email address and you'd like a seasonal e-card, please PM me with it. I really, really wanted to do physical cards again this year but everything conspired against it so here I am, very late and even more disorganised than usual.

Thank you :)

(*goes back to wrestling with words*)
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andi christmas tree

*whispers so as not to hurt Tree 2012's feelings* Poor Tree 2012 was chosen mainly because it is the right height and has pinecones for a change. It isn't a patch on last year's bushy little tree which seemed to have real personality. The picture also very nearly didn't get posted due to a disagreement between my phone and the baby netbook.

May the season of light and hope touch all hearts, and may tomorrow be a very merry Christmas for those who celebrate and a day given to family and caring for everyone else.
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Wishing the wonderful people on my flist all the season's blessings - love, peace and contentment

Tree 2011 - small, pretty and very bushy but sadly the camera does not love it. It is also minus its star which was too heavy and hung over at a drunken angle. I am reliably informed there will be a few more parcels under there before morning *g*.

Tonight I am making trifle, cooking a gammon and (still) writing my BigBang fic. There might be more memorable ways to spend Christmas Eve, lol. Got my Slashy Valentine assignment. I'm forbidden to complain about it - no one said anything about not flailing, so watch this space!
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Happy Christmas
Hope you have a wonderful day, however you choose to spend it.
*hugs flist*

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