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Sep. 11th, 2017 03:02 am
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Still too sad to talk about it

picture of dog

Sweetest little Staffie ever, trying to get into the Christmas spirit.
Sasha: April 2005 - 7th September 2017
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Need to update more often. Ummmm.

June SWG challenge fic is not yet finished but will be eventually. Have a strong urge to pick a song from the July/August challenge too, but fortunately I can't settle on just one. Life is very upside down and upsetting right now, but I will still get the new chapter of Flamingo to Red in a day or two -- yes I've been saying that for a while but I mean it now, cannot expect aspects of life to settle down just because I need a calm mind for writing. Need to get over that. Write out the angst the way I used to as a teenager (I can vaguely remember such a stage in my life, a long, long time ago --- and no, do not want those days back, thanks).

It's finally winter. Snow on the ground in Sutherland, rumours of a sprinkling of snow on the top of Table Mountain itself, snow on surrounding mountains. So yes, it's cold and we are Africa's children so we are huddled around our heaters, whimpering.

I swapped out my DW icons, I'll need to do that regularly. 15 slots, good grief. They don't let you buy more slots unless you have a paid account, which is kind of self defeating. Certainly not getting a paid account at this point. They cost more than LJ and I'm working with an exchange rate of $1 costing around R13, which makes $35 more than I'd be willing to pay for good antivirus protection.

My space bar is still jamming. The laptop is under warranty, which means I can't take it anywhere else, but they won't fix it under warranty as they'll call it wear and tear, so they'll come pick it up, take it away, fix it when they're good and ready and charge whatever they feel like on the day. I keep hoping one day I'll switch on and find it's just miraculously fixed itself. Might need to get my old laptop back from M though, purely to write with. It has a key missing but that's fine, I can type on it anyhow.

Grandmother section of the post under the cut --- grandchild dealing with A Situation. It was either this or one of the pictures where she looks like she's planning world domination - creepily focused eyes, dead serious face.
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Sick unto death for a week! I do not recommend having a procedure that requires you purge your insides just before getting a massive cold. It seems to break down any kind of immunity. I didn't even check my mail for days, and for me that's unheard-of. I owe replies to comments from like a week ago and there are posts I want to comment on too. I am so sorry, I just couldn't. I'll be there tomorrow.

Writing? Hell no. Even reading is still a challenge!
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No, I'm still alive. Just loooots of family stuff lately, all bunched together so I barely had time to breathe. Pink Flamingo is waiting patiently (because it's a nice, understanding fic). I have final edits to do on a chapter, (which should be a day's work really), and then the final chapter to write. I do not know what happened to my creativity, but it took off and hibernated. I have never experienced anything quite like it. I suppose at least part is to do with how quiet fandom has been lately.

My space bar sticking every third word doesn't help inspire me to type, lord knows. I need to get it looked at but it is such a business following the warranty instructions (knew there was a reason to get the extended warranty) and they will take it away and spend forever fixing what is probably a tiny problem so I keep putting it off.

My SWG Hero challenge fic will be late. I was on target and proud of myself but life happened (plus it was so cold that on two nights I just went to bed and left it - we people of the far south do not do single digit temperatures well). Current personal challenge is to finish it before the end of the month. I have to work this around a colonoscopy/gastroscopy and the prep therefor so we're talking less time than the calendar suggests :D

Otherwise life is as it is. Grandbaby is gorgeous and started smiling at 5 weeks (I told her mother she was talking nonsense, but the child does in fact smile, eyes light up and everything). She has discovered Making Sounds and has a sweet, very girly voice. She hardly sleeps at night. Daughter has that hollow-eyed, deathly pale vampire look. I say it's karmic revenge for her 3 months of colic.

I'll be crossposting this. I know I had all these ideas about using the two blogs differently but it's too quiet right now and I'm not exactly posting up a storm so that seems a bit silly really.
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Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, of both two and four legged children. I thought today was a good time to show you my daughter's early Mother's Day present...
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If you think I don't have your email address and you'd like a seasonal e-card, please PM me with it. I really, really wanted to do physical cards again this year but everything conspired against it so here I am, very late and even more disorganised than usual.

Thank you :)

(*goes back to wrestling with words*)

The Iliad

Aug. 14th, 2015 12:50 pm
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Today the British Museum is hosting a live reading of Homer's Iliad from start to finish using more than 60 artists. The live feed can be found HERE.

I have a limited data cap and know I should only listen for a few minutes but I'm absolutely enthralled. The woman currently reading is bringing every word to life.

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