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Wishing you an exceptional year. Best of luck with the new path, and the newer path after and maybe even the one after that. Experiment, experience, enjoy. Thank you for being the best of friends, for sharing in the good and the bad, and for (still) being the Voice of Calm Reason (or whatever it is). Let the adventure continue!


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bday banner

Happy birthday, my dear. Wishing you a year of achievements, happiness, and many wonderful memories. May all go well for you and yours. Much love.
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All the best for the year ahead, [ profile] indy1776. May it bring all the good you could wish for.

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Happy birthday, dear Oshun. Wishing you what I am sure you're experiencing, a day filled with love and family. Here's hoping the year ahead has more to recommend it than the one that's just passed.

The picture is something I thought you might like, a special favourite of mine - Nonchaloir by John Singer Sargent. Love the pose, that almost boneless relaxation. I cannot see her without thinking 'Aredhel in Valinor' (whatever - dark haired lady in white, taking a nap before dinner after a long day's hunting with the guys)

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Horseback safari, Limpopo province

Hope you're having a lovely birthday, [ profile] kenazfiction, and that the year ahead brings you in abundance all those things that make you smile and give you joy. Wishing you health, achievement, laughter, love and demanding muses.
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A rainbow cat of many colours to wish you a happy birthday and all the love, strength and hope a life can hold. Have a special day and a year with more light than dark, more laughter than tears, more blessings than lessons.

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Darling Min, I hope your special day has been wonderful and that this year will bring all the things you most wish for yourself and your family, that there'll be time to laugh and time to relax and lots more time to hang out with the elves. Be happy, be loved, always.

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Blessings, love and light on your birthday, dearest. I hope they thoroughly spoilt you today and that you have a fabulous, joy-filled year ahead. 
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Best wishes for your birthday, my dear. May the year ahead be kind and bring only good things to your door.
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Happy birthday, sweet girl. Have a wonderful day and a year filled with success, laughter and love.
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Raising my glass to wish you a year of good health, happiness and inspiration. May there always be laughter, good food and love. Have a great day, hope they spoil you rotten.

(there will be a ficlet, but apparently not today)
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Best wishes for a year of love, friendship and beautiful things. Be happy!
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The picture is a question within a mystery. What lies at the foot of the stairs, who would open the door if you knocked, where is this place, why are we here? More than anything else I considered for a banner - scenic, eye candy, dramatic - this one sums up your skill as writer: the power to draw your reader into the world you craft and hold their attention right to the final line. More strength to your muses, my dear.

Wishing you a wonderful day and a happily uneventful year.
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Wishing you have a very special day, a hopeful year and contrite, cooperative muses.
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Late but sincere! Was delighted to see cakzg happened and that you had a good birthday. Wishing you a year of excellence and as many 25 hour days as you need.
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Wishing you inspiration, strange paths of the imagination and fascinating destinations. Also friendship, happiness, love and always something new to read!
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bday lilith

Best wishes for a very special day and a year filled with beautiful moments.
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I've been random with LJ this past week, and somehow managed to miss your birthday, Mel. I am so sorry. I hope the day was very special and that you have a wonderful year.


And happy birthday, Earwen. Best wishes for an excellent year.
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Happy birthday

Been looking for hours to find a picture that felt right for you!!

Happy birthday, D. Hope you had a great day and wishing you a wonderful year. Be happy, be lucky, be loved.

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