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No, I'm still alive. Just loooots of family stuff lately, all bunched together so I barely had time to breathe. Pink Flamingo is waiting patiently (because it's a nice, understanding fic). I have final edits to do on a chapter, (which should be a day's work really), and then the final chapter to write. I do not know what happened to my creativity, but it took off and hibernated. I have never experienced anything quite like it. I suppose at least part is to do with how quiet fandom has been lately.

My space bar sticking every third word doesn't help inspire me to type, lord knows. I need to get it looked at but it is such a business following the warranty instructions (knew there was a reason to get the extended warranty) and they will take it away and spend forever fixing what is probably a tiny problem so I keep putting it off.

My SWG Hero challenge fic will be late. I was on target and proud of myself but life happened (plus it was so cold that on two nights I just went to bed and left it - we people of the far south do not do single digit temperatures well). Current personal challenge is to finish it before the end of the month. I have to work this around a colonoscopy/gastroscopy and the prep therefor so we're talking less time than the calendar suggests :D

Otherwise life is as it is. Grandbaby is gorgeous and started smiling at 5 weeks (I told her mother she was talking nonsense, but the child does in fact smile, eyes light up and everything). She has discovered Making Sounds and has a sweet, very girly voice. She hardly sleeps at night. Daughter has that hollow-eyed, deathly pale vampire look. I say it's karmic revenge for her 3 months of colic.

I'll be crossposting this. I know I had all these ideas about using the two blogs differently but it's too quiet right now and I'm not exactly posting up a storm so that seems a bit silly really.
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