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Okay. Wasn't going to participate this year and will probably do random batches in between other stuff, but tonight's writing has got sidetracked so let's see what I've got. (in other words, yes I'm overstretched but but but it's SNOWFLAKE)

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 1: Self recs.
The Pink Flamingo - the fic that made me start to love writing again.
Sanctuary - which is elves in modern times and the most fun I've had in ages. I spent days looking for local pictures, following a tourist map, and doing some fairly decent writing (I thought) but it didn't get much attention (Big Bangs don't somehow, probably because they're all there at once, no chaptered posts) In case it's not obvious, I love this fic :)
The Second Gamble - is the first time I've written from Idril's pov. I was dubious but liked her view of the world (and Valinor) a lot

Day 2: Share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life
Lord of the Rings, the trilogy, because without those movies there would not have been a HUUUUGE Tolkien fandom to fall over and I would never have written the three fics mentioned for Day 1, or any of the other things that have given me so much pleasure/pride. Nor would I have met some of the best friends anyone could hope for or been part of the lives of so many people in such different places. My horizons have been broadened by fandom, and my tolerance for ideas and attitudes so unlike my own, and all due to the movies that brought to life the books I had grown up loving.

Day 3: Set some goals
Write every day!!! I've been doing that with my Christmas gift ficcies (till new year got in the way, but I'm back on the horse now) and I like how it feels.
Finish the fic that must not be named.
Read and comment on more fics - I did not read nearly enough fanfic last year.
Actually read more in general.
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