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The new SWG survey got me thinking, so here's a rare crossposting to set out where I stand now I've had time to think about all this.

My country was the 5th in the world to legalise same sex marriage and has allowed same sex partners to adopt since 2002, so that attitude has been my benchmark for what's legally acceptable. On my LJ profile page I warn anyone who is underage or is offended by homoerotic content that it's probably not the place for them. That warning has been up for years now. I am not changing it, nor am I marking my journal as containing adult content. My definition of adult content involves something far meatier than the occasional R-rated scene I write and I am not about to designate myself as a writer of explicit content.

There are posts I'd be sad to lose so I suppose I'll have to do a proper backup to DW or something, but my fiction is over on AO3 and my own website these days so they can go whistle. I doubt they're likely to fuss with the English side of LJ, but if they have a rush of blood to the head, they can go ahead and delete me. That's fine. Till then, while I will also post separately to DW, my LJ blog remains active.

(what? I can post on two blogs. I'm a writer. It's writing. It's muuuuuch easier than updating actual fiction!)
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