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Day 6 - Create a fannish wish list
Art to illustrate some story of mine that the artist fell a bit in love with? Just something they made because they like it. Getting a gift like that feels like sunshine inside. (heck, isn't this why we all mention art for this one?) More realistically I'd love an appropriate icon for Pink Flamingo, but I'd be horribly fussy about it so maybe don't offer :D

And feedback. I've never been up in the big numbers really, I didn't write E/G back when that's where the readers were (that's ironic, yes) and I don't write Feanorians now. But it is awesome to know there are a couple of people out there reading and liking something enough to say 'Liked this' or 'That was good' or 'Why is there no sex yet?' Sometimes that's why the next chapter happens. Sometimes that's why a specific archive gets used.

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