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Day 5 - Rec fanworks
Fan recs. Oh lord, now I need to find links :( Okay, there's Welcome to Imladris by SavioBriion which is about the early days of Imladris with gorgeous touches and such a fresh eye for an old story. And there's Pieces by AiElbereth, a great A/U --- Erond/Lindir, modern times, ballet. No really, even if you're not really into AUs, you need at least to look at it. Then Red Lasbelin wrote me Can't Take My Eyes off You for the 2015 MSV, it's Erestor and Glorfindel finally in Valinor and how it's not paradise but they're together. And Talullah wrote the most wonderful ofc in her [profile] lotr_community Yule fic, Home for Midwinter. Just so beautiful!

There'd be more but I'm too asleep to go look for more links.

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